Stitchless Method - Automated Hair Transplant F.U.E. Technique

IN Summary

IN Summary
(No unrealistic claim only honest & scientific opinion)

A stitch less method of hair restoration in which hair root (follicles) are extracted from the back of head under local anesthesia with the Help of special instruments and implanted in the bald area. In this procedure, no knife is required unlike 'strip' technology. The entire procedure is being done by the surgeons and not by technicians. An advantage of Dr. Saxena's technique is that, there is minimal Handling of Follicles so that Survival rate is better. All follicles are Uniform and of same Quality. Case can be finished in less time and follicles are subject to less tauma than simple FUE.

Automated Hair Transplant F.U.E. Technique:

  • Back of the head hair, genetically programmed not to fall in your life time.
  • 8000 to 10000 hair follicles from the permanent zone (back) can be relocated to the balding area.
  • These transplanted hair grow naturally and beat your baldness. object to less trauma than simple FUE.